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This year, the world has been and is still being bombarded with a lot of hardships. It all began with the Covid-19 pandemic. This pandemic brought sorrow to the world as we see businesses shutting down, people losing their family members, and children being hindered from learning. Aside from this, we witnessed the death of people we looked up to. Chadwick Boseman, better known as Black Panther. Kobe Bryant, one of the greatest players who played in the NBA. Alex Trebek, also known as the Jeopardy host. For a few months, the world just stopped. A lot of people were staying at home hoping for a cure to this madness called Covid-19. Yet no cure has been made up to date. Now, the Philippines has gone through another hardship. Typhoon Rolly and Ulysses.

Photo by Rappler PH

The two typhoons brought many Filipinos to their knees. A lot of people who were greatly affected by these typhoons were already initially financially crippled due to the economical effects of the pandemic. A lot of families had no source of income and are merely surviving with the “Ayuda” they were given. Yet now they’ve lost their houses or even worse, family. But how could we have prevented such things.

With the use of Da Vinci’s principle, “Connesione”, I have made connections on how the typhoon damage could have been reduced.


The government was again, for the nth time, unready for the typhoon. One of the connections I made with the use of “Connesione” is the government’s funding on calamity prevention and readiness. NDRRMC or the National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council only received 16 billion pesos this year. One could say that 16 billion is a lot of money. I would disagree. The Philippines government allocated 389 Million pesos to make Manila Bay look better by dumping dolomite which was just washed away by the typhoon. How could one even decide to allocate 389 Million for dolomite when you have a pandemic? 389 Million could have been allocated to the disaster fund which could have been used in readying for calamities like the typhoon. The Philippine government could have used strategic planning on how to use the funds. If only the 389 Million pesos worth of funds were allocated to the NDRRMC, their funds would have increased by 2.5%. If more of these unnecessary projects were cut and allocated to funds for the NDRRMC or other necessary departments, the efficiency and effectivity of those departments would have been better especially in a pandemic or in a calamity.


Families who are most vulnerable to floods caused by typhoons were also unready to relocate during the typhoon. At the same time, the families living in flood vulnerable areas were informed late or not informed at all that they should evacuate especially that the dam had to release water. Information is very important especially in calamities so that the citizens would know what to do and how to react. A painful article I read was that an old man in a home for the aged died due to pneumonia because they got stuck on the roof of the home for the aged whilst the rain and strong winds. If only these facilities were informed early on that the flood would be as bad as it was, these mistakes would have been prevented.


Marikina being one of the cities known for being flooded during typhoons admitted that there were lapses in rescuing due to lack of funds. Being able to train more people and having more volunteers when in comes to rescuing stranded people in floods could improve the situation in future floods. The government should really consider allocating more funds in disaster and calamity funds. A viral photo I attached above of an actor Jericho Rosales and his wife using their surfboards to help stranded families. This is a perfect example of having unity as humans. This actor could’ve spent his day in the comforts of his home. Yet he went out of his way out of good conscience to help families who lost their homes.

I personally was not affected by the typhoon. But I had an experience once where I was stranded in my high school at 7 pm with no means of getting home. There were very few people there as well and the school felt scary especially at night with only a few people there. I never want that to happen ever again. With the use of Da Vinci’s “Dimostrazione”, I want to learn from what happened and not want others to feel the way I felt when I was stranded. We as humans could help each other especially during these trying times. Though I do not have the means to help out in a big way, but I tried my best to help out by giving away all the clothes that no longer fit me and donated a small amount to charity groups.

2020 will surely be a year to be remembered in history books. Maybe it could be remembered as “The year the world stopped”. But maybe if we all work together in helping others, especially those who have been crippled by the pandemic or the calamities, we could remember this year as “The year humanity united against calamities and hardships”.